Sunday, November 20, 2011

addicted to panning

* submission for SOOC Sunday *
I'm really in love with this technique: panning. since I learned how to do it I can't stop practicing. and it's so easy! we just go outside and shoot everything that moves. but today I had the privilege of having this 10 years old running just for my camera. this is a great panning, in my humble and not a tiny bit professional opinion. what makes it so addictive is: because it's fun! it's that magical feeling of capturing the right split of a second where the frame tells a story. this little boy didn't understood much of the technical mumbo jumbo I said but he saw it was fun and so he agreed to run back and forth in the park, while his parents observed. today I was very tired and if I hadn't scheduled the photography session I would probably be back in bed (as I did when it finished). but thanks to these events I didn't miss a gorgeous sunny morning (after a pretty rainy night) and I'm happier today because of it all. one thing curious: when I'm shooting I don't feel sleepy (ever!). I'm so focused and amused that I forget all about it. when I stop photographing that is another story. I really love my camera :)

what about you! how addicted are you to photography?


Conceição said...

you are doing a wonderfull work.
Love, mom

pcphotoblog said...

Happy SOOC! Keep up the good work.

Sofia Morgado said...

I guess I konw what you mean about ever feeling sleepy while you photograph. I guess I'm also addicted to photography! :P