Thursday, November 17, 2011

magical violin

the first assignment when we sign up for this course is to create a photojournal (this is mine), where we will share our photographs and write why we chose them, or write about photography and than find a photograph that match our words. until the course actually begins in January 2012, I'll be doing the first prompt once a week. I'll choose one of my favourite photos from each week and write about my feelings. what I love the most about this shot is the fact that the violin is floating in the air. and I feel the sepia touch gives it a sense of magic.I found this violin as a window decoration, downtown, in Lisbon and couldn't resist it. it was simply perfect. it is a night photograph and I feel the lights from the window highlights all the details. wouldn't it be lovely if musical instruments could float around the city, playing beautiful melodies to our hearts? love this thought :)

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Sofia Morgado said...

You have just started and I already love it! ;) Great image!