Monday, January 16, 2012

{Find My Eye} Starting The Journey

every time I shoot flowers I relax. I loose track of time easily. I jump over fences on public parks. I sometimes get to photograph some bees too (no luck with butterflies so far). when shooting flowers I never want to stop as long as there are more flowers around me. I chose not to edit this photo because I feel it's just perfect the way it is. this beauty, I found it at the entrance of our Health Center and since there wasn't much traffic I had the time to play from different perspectives, but I've to be honest I felt in love with this photo the minute I took it.


cococita said...

I can relate :)
Love the tender colour of it and the simplicity of your photo: so detailed and so serene at the same time. How are you feeling dear Ana? Take good care of yourself!

chelle said...

i can tell you were in love Ana, its beautiful!